Sexy hotels

Part of why I wanted to work on Do Not Disturb is that I think hotels are hot. Even if I don’t wind up doing anything sexual in them, just being in a hotel is erotic. It’s new, it’s full of strangers; the atmosphere, to me, simply screams sex. But of course, some hotels are sexier than others. I’d love to hear which hotels push your buttons; you can email me at rachelravenous at and I’ll be posting some that have been suggested to me.

Here’s a shot from one called The Five, which I found out about from The Naughty Paris Guide.

The Five in Paris


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One Response to “Sexy hotels”

  1. headslammer Says:

    I absolutely agree with you about hotels. There is this certain feeling, an aura about them, that sex is either being had, or is about to at any given moment.

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