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In recent years, Japan has issued a crack-down on love hotel establishments. It’s becoming increasingly hard to maintain one of these hotels, especially when not in a red light district or love hotel ‘area’ like Love Hotel Hill in Shibuya. Tokyo’s a special victim to this; I believe the scene in Oosaka is still comparatively alive and well. As a result of this, a lot of the more elaborate and shifty hotels – including a great deal of the themed hotels – are being slowly killed off. I keep reading about an elusive dungeon-themed love hotel somewhere, but despite my various efforts have yet to find one and so I can only assume that it was among those to go.

I have to admit that now that I’ve started checking them out with a friend or two I’ve fallen in love with the novelty of them, even if I’m not there to sleep around. The rooms are a welcome change to a lot of the accommodation I’m used to in Japan; the ones I’ve visited have all been HUGE and spacious and full of fun things to do. They are sound-proof too, which is great when you love to laugh into the wee hours, very loudly.

Of course, with the ‘clean’ image the new generation of love hotels are trying to promote (partially to please the ladies with a ‘romantic’ atmosphere as opposed to seedy), the majority of them are no longer just for hot-blooded couples. A lot of them now offer video games and karaoke in the rooms to entertain the kiddies if you and your family are caught out without a place to stay one night. My only reservation is that the check-out times can be quite early, ie. from 10am, and after a sleepless night talking (or focking, whatever it is you’re into) the last thing you want is to be kicked out the moment your eyes finally shut. Of course, if the need be you can always check promptly into another hotel during the day on ‘free time’, or non peak time rates.


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