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Want a sexy hotel room? Read these tips

December 22, 2008

Budget Travel tips for romantic hotels

Budget Travel offers up 10 tips for creating a sexy hotel room, featuring Mark Zingarelli’s great illustrations (one is above), and says:

There’s something about hotel rooms that generally makes them feel sexy by definition—maybe because it’s a strange new place, or because the bed is usually the focal point of the room.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t get even sexier.

The editors of Budget Travel have come up with 10 relatively simple ways to give your hotel room—whether it’s at a roadside motel, a fancy island resort, or somewhere in between—a suitably romantic makeover.

Watch the slide show to find out the 10 tips: Our correspondent, seduction artist Bud Travel, will show you how it’s done. (While all 10 are great ideas, you may want to implement only two or three. Overkill isn’t sexy at all.)


Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz first had sex at the SoHo Grand

December 18, 2008

This just in:

Fall Out Boy rocker Pete Wentz has spoken up yet again about his “amazing sex life” with wife Ashlee Simpson, insisting the first time the two slept together was “the single best sexual encounter” he’s ever had.

Wentz, who married Simpson in May , opened up about their sex life to raunchy radio host Howard Stern on Tuesday.

The rocker tells Stern he had to “beat her (Simpson) over the head with a club and drag her back to my cave” before she first agreed to have sex with him.

He adds, “It was at the Soho Grand Hotel (in New York City), and I’m looking in the mirrors, (thinking), ‘Oh my God, you are (sleeping with) the girl of your dreams, and you can watch yourself!'”

Sexed up hotel The Ivy opens in San Diego

December 16, 2008

The Ivy Hotel, San Diego

From an article in The LA Times (via Luxist) comes news of a very sexed up hotel in San Diego:

But the only thing strait-laced about the Ivy Hotel ( is the leather-covered, corseted columns in the lobby.

The 159-room, $90-million property could pass as Playboy Mansion South, from the skin-baring cocktail waitresses to the $3,000-a-night specialty suite with king-size bunk beds, a group shower and, ahem, a fireman’s pole.

“We wanted something a little voyeuristic, a little seductive,” said Michael Kelly, the Ivy’s co-owner who has made his fortune buying and selling depressed assets. “It’s an adult playground, but it’s not cheap.”

It used to be that only managers of by-the-hour motels were happy to have their properties mistaken for bordellos. But with soccer moms taking erotic dancing classes at the local community college and Carl’s Jr. using Paris Hilton (read: sex) to sell hamburgers, some hotels aren’t afraid to offer guests more than X-rated pay-per-view movies.

Julie Albright, who teaches classes on human sexuality and social psychology at USC, says easy access to sexual messages and images has shifted the bounds of what’s considered socially acceptable.

“It’s the pornification of mainstream society,” she said. “There’s more overt sexuality in our media, on television. More people have cable TV. More people are on the Internet.”

Forbes Traveler picks the sexiest hotels in America for 2008

December 12, 2008

Which 10 hotels are lucky enough to earn “sexiest hotel” status from Forbes Traveler? Click here to find out!

Some selections may surprise you. Who would expect, for example, to find a sexy hotel in sultry old Savannah? Well, the Mansion on Forsyth Park in Savannah is seriously sexy. First off, the lobby doubles as an art gallery with about 400 works of art, while the pool area suggests a luxe tropical resort. Mostly orange, the restaurant is a welcome breath of trendy fresh air in this atmospheric town.

The Liberty Hotel in Boston was actually a prison for some 120 years. But today there’s a 90-foot-high atrium in the center of a decidedly deluxe property, and its former exercise yard is now a beautifully landscaped private garden. From the posh roof deck there is a—can we say this?—sexy view of the Charles River and Back Bay skyline.

And Las Vegas? Forget it—outrageous and over-the-top may be fabulous, but rarely is it sexy. For real desert chic, less is more, and groovy Palm Springs, Calif., is where you’ll find it, at Hollywood hideaways such as Korakia and Le Parker Palm Springs. The former resembles a Moroccan villa and is the kind of place where you’ll find agents mulling over scripts by either of two very inviting swimming pools. The latter property is larger and the kind of hotel where celebrities such as Nicole Kidman and “La Vie en Rose” star (and recent Oscar winner) Marion Cotillard stay when the Palm Springs International Film Festival rolls into town each January.

Liberty Inn = “Best By-The-Hour Hotel”

December 11, 2008

New York magazine crowned the Liberty Inn “Best By-The-Hour Hotel” this year:

Liberty Inn
51 Tenth Ave., at 14th St. 212-741-2333
When it comes to hotels with hourly rates, a lack of pretense can be awfully charming. The Liberty Inn is unabashedly the place to go for some afternoon delight (just take a peek at its not-so-subtle Website, Discreetly located in the middle of the West Side Highway, it practically is its own little sex island, making it highly unlikely that you’ll run into anyone you’d rather avoid. On weekdays, $59 ($65 evenings and weekends) will buy you three hours in one of its clean, functional rooms (some of which offer classically prurient mirrored walls and ceilings). Romantic Interlude rooms with hot tubs are yours for an additional $15. The manager points out that all the rooms have six channels of free porn, wide-screen TVs, and “black out” capacity for enhanced privacy.

Here’s a photo from their site of the Romantic Interlude room:

Liberty Inn Romantic Interludes room

Cleansheets on why hotel sex is sexy

December 10, 2008

Here’s a little snippet from Roberta Carwin’s piece at Cleansheets on why hotel sex is hot:

In literature, who can forget the journey of Humbert Humbert and Lolita to one motel after another? Nabokov describes the motels and the young girl with equally hypnotic attention to detail; they often come together in an unforgettable image, as when she dives into a glittering swimming pool or eats potato chips in bed.

In real life, too, renting a hotel room can be a great way to get intensely erotic with someone. With none of the usual trappings of your life around, you can concentrate on each other. When Tommy and I go to Las Vegas, we stay in a high-rise hotel with rooms that are bigger and more luxurious than we’d get elsewhere. They lay it on in Las Vegas, hoping no doubt that if you feel like a high roller you’ll act like one, and gamble a lot. The sex we have in this place is always amazing! Yes, there’s the gambling, the manic 24-hour activity and the sight of a lot of gorgeous women. But it’s also the space — the floor-to-ceiling windows with the sheer steep views; the mirrors all over the place that seem to magnify everything; the pulsating needles of the shower; the smooth sheets and endless fluffy towels. Granted, we’re often a little too jet-lagged to do something like make up a complicated sex scene, but that very sense of disorientation, along with the unreal luxe surroundings, can turn your Saturday night lovemaking into something unexpectedly luscious.

Obviously, hotels and (especially) motels are also places people go to have sex that they’re not supposed to be having. On “Sex and the City,” Carrie and the married Mr. Big meet at a downmarket hotel in the afternoon. Why such a grungy place? Possibly, so they won’t run into anyone they know. But also, there’s something sexy and naughty about a slightly crummy room. It seems to advertise that you’re there for one reason only. You’re not going to be served tea or treated to a tour of the owner’s antiques collection, like in a nice B&B or a bijoux hotel. You’re not there to deal with relationship stuff either, not in the hour or two you’ll be in that room. No; you’re just there to fuck.

Ever been in a motel that seemed to exist for sneaky sex only? While touring the Mezzogiorno region of Italy, a girlfriend and I checked into an unassuming hotel with a fabulous swimming pool. The guy at the desk acted like it was a little peculiar that we wanted to stay for a few days. We figured out why when we got into the room. The bathroom cabinet was crammed with partly used bottles of lubricants. We went and sat by the pool — always empty except for us — watching couples drive in and out of the parking lot. It was kind of fun, except that the round-the-clock loud sex, and the place’s thin walls, combined to make sleep impossible.

Sexy hotel do not disturb signs

December 9, 2008

Borgata Tied Up/Tidy Up signs
The Borgata’s Tied Up/Tidy Up sign

USA Today looked at some “offbeat” do not disturb signs.

Hotel Chatter goes one better:

The Borgata has always pushed the boundaries of sexy and provocative, from the cocktail waitresses outfits, clubs which promote “sexy and sensual” and do not disturb signs which say “Tidy Up” on one side, and “Tied Up” on the other.

The Water Club continues that vibe yet still manages to not embarrass you that much if you’re parents are along with you for the trip. It’s ok, you can admit it! This is Atlantic City, everyone goes there with their parents at least once.

The Water Club has taken the “Do Not Disturb” sign to another level – by putting in a rotating disk where you can change the sayings to say “We’re.. Flirting, #$*@!, tied up, slumbering, meditating, satiating, indulging or replenishing” depending on your mood or friskiness.

The Water Club Do Not Disturb sign
image via Hotel Chatter

Sabrina Morgan on Hotel Sex

December 9, 2008

Excerpted from Sabrina Morgan’s blog – do go there to rest what happens next:

The knock on the door froze me. I stopped unbuckling my heels.

“Room service.”

Not likely. I hadn’t ordered any. Your voice caught my attention – it was familiar in an impossible way. You couldn’t be here. Not now.

I knew better, and I answered the door anyway, with my shirt half unbuttoned and my pale pink bra strap peeking out. You had the fucking nerve to be on the other side of it, without warning me, without any…

“Hi. Sabrina.”

…any precursor other than the emails, the voicemails, and then nothing for a month.

“…Hi. What are you doing here?” You looked good. I didn’t tell you where I was staying. But you looked so, so good.

“I came to see you. Surprise.”

You came in – I don’t remember if I invited you in, or if I just stepped backwards and you followed me into the room. I looked at my feet, at your feet, at the cheap teal hotel carpet; never at your eyes. You were smiling, I was smiling, but I wasn’t sure why. I think I said something about being glad to see you. Funny thing to say, but I was too confused to be mad. Yet.

I just wanted revenge.

Voyeurism and exhibitionism in a love hotel photo

December 4, 2008

I came across this at Shane Lavalette’s blog:

Love Hotel by Laurel Nakadate
Love Hotel, 2005
© Laurel Nakadate

Voyeurism, exhibitionism — the roles of hunter and hunted are blurred. In Love Hotel, Laurel films herself engaged in sexual acts but without a partner in the frame, leaving her moving her body against air. She says simply about the work in her press release, “It’s about loneliness. About being by yourself in a place where you’re supposed to be in love.”

…a similarly narcissistic and conflicted caprice unfolds as Nakadate writhes almost naked on various beds. As alone and pitiable as the men, she’s seeing what she would look like if she could actually be with a real person. It’s onanistic exhibitionism, very peculiar, strikingly devoid of real feeling, and disquieting.

Villiage Voice<

For a change, try some motel sex

December 2, 2008

Alison Tyler has a host of very short stories on sex in motels. As opposed to hotels. What’s the difference? Both can be totally hot. Check out her readers’ naughty motel tales.