Sexy hotel do not disturb signs

Borgata Tied Up/Tidy Up signs
The Borgata’s Tied Up/Tidy Up sign

USA Today looked at some “offbeat” do not disturb signs.

Hotel Chatter goes one better:

The Borgata has always pushed the boundaries of sexy and provocative, from the cocktail waitresses outfits, clubs which promote “sexy and sensual” and do not disturb signs which say “Tidy Up” on one side, and “Tied Up” on the other.

The Water Club continues that vibe yet still manages to not embarrass you that much if you’re parents are along with you for the trip. It’s ok, you can admit it! This is Atlantic City, everyone goes there with their parents at least once.

The Water Club has taken the “Do Not Disturb” sign to another level – by putting in a rotating disk where you can change the sayings to say “We’re.. Flirting, #$*@!, tied up, slumbering, meditating, satiating, indulging or replenishing” depending on your mood or friskiness.

The Water Club Do Not Disturb sign
image via Hotel Chatter


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