Liberty Inn = “Best By-The-Hour Hotel”

New York magazine crowned the Liberty Inn “Best By-The-Hour Hotel” this year:

Liberty Inn
51 Tenth Ave., at 14th St. 212-741-2333
When it comes to hotels with hourly rates, a lack of pretense can be awfully charming. The Liberty Inn is unabashedly the place to go for some afternoon delight (just take a peek at its not-so-subtle Website, Discreetly located in the middle of the West Side Highway, it practically is its own little sex island, making it highly unlikely that you’ll run into anyone you’d rather avoid. On weekdays, $59 ($65 evenings and weekends) will buy you three hours in one of its clean, functional rooms (some of which offer classically prurient mirrored walls and ceilings). Romantic Interlude rooms with hot tubs are yours for an additional $15. The manager points out that all the rooms have six channels of free porn, wide-screen TVs, and “black out” capacity for enhanced privacy.

Here’s a photo from their site of the Romantic Interlude room:

Liberty Inn Romantic Interludes room


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One Response to “Liberty Inn = “Best By-The-Hour Hotel””

  1. Phil Says:

    The Internet needs a directory of love hotels/motels, by the hour or by 2-3 hours, throughout the U.S. The scattered motels and hotels that offer this are apparently too embarrassed because of stigma in the industry to seek publicity, even if it would help marketing. In a Google search, I found this blog but not ads or listings to find such places. There was one in my town, but it discontinued rates for less than a full night when it recently changed management. With millions of couples needing a confidential place for sex, why isn’t this Internet “niche” filled? Could be a good business, think of all the ads that could be placed on such a site. Who in the blogisphere is willing to do the research on what so many people want and need? Will anyone step up to the plate?

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