Forbes Traveler picks the sexiest hotels in America for 2008

Which 10 hotels are lucky enough to earn “sexiest hotel” status from Forbes Traveler? Click here to find out!

Some selections may surprise you. Who would expect, for example, to find a sexy hotel in sultry old Savannah? Well, the Mansion on Forsyth Park in Savannah is seriously sexy. First off, the lobby doubles as an art gallery with about 400 works of art, while the pool area suggests a luxe tropical resort. Mostly orange, the restaurant is a welcome breath of trendy fresh air in this atmospheric town.

The Liberty Hotel in Boston was actually a prison for some 120 years. But today there’s a 90-foot-high atrium in the center of a decidedly deluxe property, and its former exercise yard is now a beautifully landscaped private garden. From the posh roof deck there is a—can we say this?—sexy view of the Charles River and Back Bay skyline.

And Las Vegas? Forget it—outrageous and over-the-top may be fabulous, but rarely is it sexy. For real desert chic, less is more, and groovy Palm Springs, Calif., is where you’ll find it, at Hollywood hideaways such as Korakia and Le Parker Palm Springs. The former resembles a Moroccan villa and is the kind of place where you’ll find agents mulling over scripts by either of two very inviting swimming pools. The latter property is larger and the kind of hotel where celebrities such as Nicole Kidman and “La Vie en Rose” star (and recent Oscar winner) Marion Cotillard stay when the Palm Springs International Film Festival rolls into town each January.


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One Response to “Forbes Traveler picks the sexiest hotels in America for 2008”

  1. Tom Mulhall Says:

    Palm Springs is most certainly one of the hottest cities to vacation at in the US. Palm Springs has a hotel choice for everyone. From the sexy hotels listed above, to golf resorts, to romantic bed and breakfasts, to even one of the best clothing optional resorts in the world (according to tripadvisor), The Terra Cotta Inn (now that is sexy), there is something for all tastes and income levels.

    Go to to learn all about the fun city of Palm Springs, California.

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