Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz first had sex at the SoHo Grand

This just in:

Fall Out Boy rocker Pete Wentz has spoken up yet again about his “amazing sex life” with wife Ashlee Simpson, insisting the first time the two slept together was “the single best sexual encounter” he’s ever had.

Wentz, who married Simpson in May , opened up about their sex life to raunchy radio host Howard Stern on Tuesday.

The rocker tells Stern he had to “beat her (Simpson) over the head with a club and drag her back to my cave” before she first agreed to have sex with him.

He adds, “It was at the Soho Grand Hotel (in New York City), and I’m looking in the mirrors, (thinking), ‘Oh my God, you are (sleeping with) the girl of your dreams, and you can watch yourself!'”


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