W Hotels get sexed up by Clodagh

from Wallpaper, which also has a slideshow (via Planet Pink n Green)

People have more sex in hotel rooms than anywhere else, posits Manhattan interior designer Clodagh, so it makes sense to design with sex in mind. For one of her latest projects, the W Fort Lauderdale, she positioned the beds for a positive feng shui effect and added a strip of light nearby for subtle night-time illumination. The strip is gelled for a soft, flattering glow so that, as she quips, ‘everyone can look absolutely fantastic even if they don’t have a great tan.’

Her design brief was simple. W wanted an ‘urban resort’, a luxury hotel which epitomised the designer brand but spoke to the stunning beachside location. For Clodagh that meant comfort, style, and fun. ‘I think life should be a joy,’ she says, ‘and when you travel you want to have fun.’

As a jury member of Material ConneXion, a resource centre for new and advanced materials, Clodagh was eager to incorporate some of the latest offerings into the Fort Lauderdale project – things like foam aluminums, unique microfibres, resins, and concrete embedded with lenticular mirrors.


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