Locals in Las Vegas snap up $99/night luxury hotel room deals

I don’t think they’re all using those hotel rooms only for sleeping! from Las Vegas Now:

Since tourists are not coming to Las Vegas like they used to, Las Vegas hotels are trying to win over locals to get business. Many are offering valley residents deep discounts on luxury hotel stays for less than a $100 a night.

That includes the tawny and opulent Trump International Hotel and Tower. They’re hoping people who call Las Vegas home will take advantage of the low prices and spend money to make up where the tourism numbers lag.

Chris and Melanie Lewis live in Las Vegas but last weekend they moved up to the 53rd floor at the Trump. It’s their local get-a-way. “Its been tough for us to get away with work and its seem like we are working a lot more.” Chris Lewis says, “The country’s economic turmoil is making it even harder for everyone to take time off work or spend that extra cash.”

Tourist numbers have been steadily falling and it’s hitting Las Vegas resorts at their bottom line. That’s why hotels like the trump are targeting they people that call Las Vegas home. Angela Nolan, Trump’s Director of Operations says, “Everyone is fighting for the same customer and our ability to provide a aggressive offer for locals will bring them here and bring them back.


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