What the perfect hotel suite should have

According to international escort blogger Jet Set Lara:

The perfect hotel suite has the following general features:

– is unusually large, with separate sleeping and lounging areas; has enough room for two massage tables to fit comfortably 😉
– is distinctively decorated in keeping with its location, but trending toward contemporary design (I hate the faux antiques look of the Four Seasons and Ritz hotels; the rooms at the Four Seasons in San Francisco are exactly the same as the ones in Vegas)
– has floor to ceiling windows that look out on something scenic and interesting
– electric window treatments, controllable from bed and near door, including translucent shade for sunny days and blackout drapes for total darkness at night.
– has a sunny outdoor space with room for two chaise lounges shielded from prying eyes…
– well insulated walls and windows able to block out all outside noise.

Check out her post for all the rest!


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