Indian hotels ban sex!

This is like a tabloid article, except I don’t think it is. From All News Web:

Ralph and Jo-Anne from Newcastle, Australia married recently and decided to take their honeymoon in a country they had always dreamed of visiting: India.

The two newlyweds decided to play their trip by ear and not book accommodation beforehand. They arrived in Bombay and found a clean but modest place to stay and paid for a week’s worth of accommodation. On their first night in India they celebrated as many young couples do: in the hotel room and by their own admission they were a little loud.

In the morning as they headed off to do some sightseeing the owning motioned towards them and then tapped a pen on a sign near the front desk that clearly said ‘No sex in our rooms please’.
‘We were shocked, but found it a bit funny too’ said Novocastrian plumber Ralph. ‘The only spice in our lives for the next week was in the curry’ joked Jo-Anne, a hairdresser.

Funny as it seems more and more hotel managers and owners in India are banning guests having sex within their establishment. The reasons and motives for the ban include constant complaints from neighbours and other guests, attempts to discourage extra-marital flings and prostitution the highly conservative nation.

Delhi hotel manager Suresh defends the ban ‘Many locals use hotels for adulterous affairs and even sessions with prostitutes and this lowers the hotels reputation, foreigners do not realise that loud noise during relations offends many locals and we receive complaints all the time.’

The good news is that honeymooning couples need not avoid India yet providing they have money to spare. No upmarket international chains have put the ban into place.

‘We still won’t be staying at the Hilton in the near future, we can have all the sex we want back home and it won’t cost us a penny’ concludes Ralph as he tucks into his tasty chicken rezala.


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