Hot hot hot photos from the Do Not Disturb book trailer shoot

I had NO idea my friend Stacie Joy took this shot, of a drunken me drifting off to sleep after our wild and crazy (like getting kicked out of an elevator after setting off the alarm and making out) book trailer shoot for Do Not Disturb: Hotel Sex Stories. Serious, it was fun and hot. Stacie Joy has an AMAZING set of 113 photos from the shoot, and the best part is some are things I didn’t even get to see, though I heard they were super hot. Check it all out, and stay tuned for the trailer, to debut around Valentine’s Day.

Okay, there are 113 photos and I love all of them, so please check them out and if you like them, well…consider buying my book Do Not Disturb, or just wait for the trailer!

(I like this one because you can also see us in the mirror)


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One Response to “Hot hot hot photos from the Do Not Disturb book trailer shoot”

  1. lowflykiwi Says:

    The pic of you kissing in the hallway is interesting as you mentioned. From the camera angle is seems you both are equal participants in the moment. The mirror shot on the other hand seems to me that you are more in control. The raised arm, the hand on the neck, the turn of the head. Mmmmm.

    You might want to drop a note to NookieNotes on these pics. I can see her getting all excited over the possibilities for her Radio Show Photo Challenges.


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