Unusual hotel rooms: underwater hotel and erotic suite

Examiner.com has some interesting hotel rooms covered, including:

Hydropolis Underwater Hotel, Dubai

Alright, so it isn’t completed yet, but it’s safe to assume that this 220-suite underwater hotel will have an unrivaled sensual vibe. The hotel’s bubble-shaped suites will feature clear glass comprising both the sleeping areas’ walls and each room’s bathtub. Admit it—the idea of a dolphin pausing to watch you make out is kind of sexy.

Palms Hotel Erotic Suite, Las Vegas

Like you didn’t know a Las Vegas hotel would be in the mix. From the sexy shadow dancer projection wall to the steamy metal Show Shower with a stripper pole and fogged windows, anything goes in this incredible Palms Hotel suite. But it’s the incredible 8-foot round rotating bed (with mirrored ceiling, of course) that really makes you feel like you’re in your very own high budget porn. The Palms charges a $1 per day phone fee. Oh, and a $4,000 per night room charge.


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2 Responses to “Unusual hotel rooms: underwater hotel and erotic suite”

  1. justjss Says:

    An underwater hotel without frolicking Mermaids and Mermen, frolicking? Well, what’s the point?

    And I used to think that they knew how to go all out in Dubai.

  2. justjss Says:

    (Embarrassed cough) … Could someone please back up over one of those “frolicking”s …

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