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I had sex in this hotel bed

December 1, 2008

I had sex in this hotel bed, in Austin. We didn’t use a condom, again, whic I know is bad but I swear, it was in part the hotel room that drove me to that. Okay, it was really me, but something came over me and I think it felt more okay to do something “bad” when we were in such a random, anonymous setting. It was the only sex I had while there, and it was hot.

I can’t go into every detail, the whole night was kindof weird, but I can certainly say we wouldn’t have had sex like that back at my boyfriend’s cousins’ place where we were staying before that. I liked that we could be loud if we wanted (even though we weren’t really). We laughed and stopped and started and I wanted it to go on all night, mostly because it’s really hard when we have to leave each other (I live in New York, he lives in San Francisco). We also watched some TV, namely King of the Hill, Cathouse, and Summer Heights High, the gayest show ever, and therefore one of the most hilarious.

Goodbye hotel room