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Rent a boutique hotel room by the hour in London

March 3, 2009

From Walletpop – you get the luxury of a great hotel but the cheapness of renting by the hour (plus the hotness of that too):

One London hotel has come up with a new way to make an extra buck during the day, in between check-out time and check-in. Between the hours of 10am and 4pm, it’s offering its rooms for £19. For what comes out to £3.17 an hour, guests get everything the room normally offers (bed, TV, free wireless Internet), plus a free hour of local calls.

Smart thinking! The rooms just lie fallow for those hours, so the potential for a new revenue stream, thin as it will be, is better than the nothing the place is collecting now during the same period. The clever hotel, the Hoxton, surmises that most of its potential customers will be businessmen who need meeting space but not a whole conference room.

The Hoxton, or “the Hox,” as it’s known, is no fleabag. The hotel, created by the co-founder of the effective Pret-a-Manger sandwich take-out chain, has already made a name for itself for progressive decor (there’s lots of glass and artwork by Christo and Jeanne-Claude) and its intermittent sales during which rooms are available for just £1. Like the best of the modern budget airlines, it charges least to those who book first, and it doesn’t sacrifice high design in the bargain. It also has plans to expand into a chain, and presumably, it will export this new concept into its new markets.


Liberty Inn = “Best By-The-Hour Hotel”

December 11, 2008

New York magazine crowned the Liberty Inn “Best By-The-Hour Hotel” this year:

Liberty Inn
51 Tenth Ave., at 14th St. 212-741-2333
When it comes to hotels with hourly rates, a lack of pretense can be awfully charming. The Liberty Inn is unabashedly the place to go for some afternoon delight (just take a peek at its not-so-subtle Website, Discreetly located in the middle of the West Side Highway, it practically is its own little sex island, making it highly unlikely that you’ll run into anyone you’d rather avoid. On weekdays, $59 ($65 evenings and weekends) will buy you three hours in one of its clean, functional rooms (some of which offer classically prurient mirrored walls and ceilings). Romantic Interlude rooms with hot tubs are yours for an additional $15. The manager points out that all the rooms have six channels of free porn, wide-screen TVs, and “black out” capacity for enhanced privacy.

Here’s a photo from their site of the Romantic Interlude room:

Liberty Inn Romantic Interludes room