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Match the price of your room to your airfare in Denver or SF

March 6, 2009

Cool discount from Warwick International Hotels:

The Warwick Denver and the Warwick San Francisco have debuted “A Fare Match” packages, offering discriminating travelers the chance to match the price of a luxury hotel stay to a great deal on airfare. Through April 30, 2009, each hotel will match the price of a room night to the price of the guest’s airline ticket into the city, beginning at $79.

“Many airlines are offering great discounts right now for travel around the country, and the Warwick ‘A Fare Match’ program is an easy way to pair inexpensive airfares with a significant savings on exquisite lodging,” said G. Paul LeBlanc, vice president of marketing for Warwick International Hotels. “Put the two together, and a wonderful getaway or spring vacation is well within reach.”

Rates are based on double occupancy and do not include taxes or service. For the Warwick Denver, the rate is based on a Deluxe room; for the Warwick San Francisco, the rate is based on a Deluxe Queen room. Upgrades are available at both hotels for an additional cost. The “A Fare Match” package can be booked by calling each hotel directly Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. (Warwick Denver Hotel Reservations – 800-525-2888; Warwick San Francisco Hotel Reservations – 800-203-3232)

Guests must present a copy of the ticket receipt with the price upon check-in. In Denver, the ticket must show travel to Denver International Airport or Colorado Springs Airport. In San Francisco, the ticket must show travel into San Francisco, Oakland or San Jose International Airports. Full details o the program can be found at the Web sites – or


If ice cream equals sex, stay in Hotel Triton’s Häagen-Dazs “Sweet Suite”

January 17, 2009

Hotel Triton in San Francisco
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Hotel Triton in San Francisco

Hotel Triton in San Francisco is now going into my “Top Hotels I Want To Visit” list, based on these super-cool sounding suites. I mean, a room devoted to ice cream!! That could only be seconded by a room filled with cupcakes. How indulgent, and sexy…I’d love to feast on ice cream and alternate that with sex. I envision a book party in this suite…

The Häagen-Dazs “Sweet Suite”
The luxurious Häagen-Dazs “Sweet Suite” offers hotel guests a unique and whimsical escape, indulging the senses in flavor and style. Bathed in vanilla and caramel colors, the true artistry of the “Sweet Suite” is in the details, from “flavored” candles in chocolate, vanilla and dulce de leche, to the bed’s handcrafted headboard shaped like the Häagen-Dazs cartouche, to a waffle-textured bed throw, to a specially made plush Häagen-Dazs bath robe.

The room’s main attraction is the “Sweet Spot,” a custom designed ice cream cabinet filled with both classic Häagen-Dazs ice cream flavors, ice cream bars and new releases such as the Haagen-Dazs Reserve Series. The cabinet is stocked with bowls, scoops and spoons and, best of all, guests can enjoy as many complimentary pints as they desire.

A portion of each “Sweet Suite” guest’s tab will be donated to the Häagen-Dazs ice cream charity of choice, Delancey Street Foundation.

The Suite was designed by local Bay Area interior design firm Marsh & Clark Design.

Kathy Griffin’s D-List
Hotel Triton’s latest Celebrity Suite combines sleek elegance and chic sensibility with a touch of sex appeal for the guest who desires life’s finer pleasures. In a recent episode of Kathy’s hit series, “My Life on the D-List,” Ms. Griffin and Mike Nielsen (known to viewers as her ‘Gay Visionary’) traveled to San Francisco to design an inspired suite at the Hotel Triton. How cool is that?

The making of this luxurious hotel suite into a reality was the subject for an entire episode in the show’s second season. Kathy and Mike began with wall-to-wall, floor to ceiling white suede drapes and took it from there. If you’re looking to find inner peace or feel like a million bucks, Kathy’s suite is a good move. With a color palate ranging from pearl to chocolate to sage green, this suite is a fabulous vehicle for sheer indulgence from Kathy Griffin and the Hotel Triton.

The Black Magic Bedroom by Carlos Santana
The art, music and vision of legendary guitarist Carlos Santana are imbued in every detail of this serene and subtle designer suite. Textile artist Michael Rios created a Technicolor tapestry of Santana’s most heartfelt and intense imagery, bringing vitality and a sense of Latin heritage to both bed and bath. At once otherworldly and earthbound, the Black Magic Bedroom inspires a peaceful, yet invigorating energy, much like the man himself.

King Triton Suite
Designed by King Triton, in honor of his kingdom, Atlantis, shimmering underwater blues, silvers, and greens abound in this luxuriously inspiring setting. Part the silver bead curtain to find yourself in the grooviest Jacuzzi tub in San Francisco, complete with a secret television you can watch while you soak. A beautiful king bed with fabric beach ball pillows and magic reading lights await, and the sitting area is ideal for entertaining a small group of friends.

Plus, from a 2004 piece at Travellady:

Whether you plan to relax in the Zen Dens or you’re interested in spicing up a romantic weekend, the Hotel Triton has something for everyone. The Girls Gone Wild package includes accommodations in a deluxe guestroom, a bikini wax, beer, a hat, and of course a camera to capture the moment. Couples have the Freedom to Honeymoon or spice up the night with Cupid’s Bubble Bath, Moonlight Massage Oil, Kiss Me Lip balm, Love poems, and a Tickle-me-feather included with the Sex In the City package.