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Voyeurism and exhibitionism in a love hotel photo

December 4, 2008

I came across this at Shane Lavalette’s blog:

Love Hotel by Laurel Nakadate
Love Hotel, 2005
© Laurel Nakadate

Voyeurism, exhibitionism — the roles of hunter and hunted are blurred. In Love Hotel, Laurel films herself engaged in sexual acts but without a partner in the frame, leaving her moving her body against air. She says simply about the work in her press release, “It’s about loneliness. About being by yourself in a place where you’re supposed to be in love.”

…a similarly narcissistic and conflicted caprice unfolds as Nakadate writhes almost naked on various beds. As alone and pitiable as the men, she’s seeing what she would look like if she could actually be with a real person. It’s onanistic exhibitionism, very peculiar, strikingly devoid of real feeling, and disquieting.

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