Sex toys right in your hotel room at England’s The Vincent Hotel

Forget trying to get your vibrator through customs or even airport security! From Rates to Go, the scoop on England’s The Vincent Hotel, which offers a sex toy kit as part of its amenities for guests!

The Vincent Hotel, which is a new 60 room boutique hotel that will soon be opening in northwest England, will be putting an interesting twist to the term “minibar.” Rather than offering just the traditional alcoholic beverages and snacks, the hotel will be offering new treats in the form of sex toys.

“We want to provide our residents with a distinct and highly individual experience in their own private, opulent space,” said owner Paul Adams.

Located in Southport, which is near to Liverpool, the seaside resort plans to offer what it is terming “intimate seduction kits” in all of its rooms. Items to be featured in these kits include massage oil, lubricating gel, two condoms and a vibrating ring. Guests will also be able to request additional toys for special occasions. Those wanting to get a little more risqué can request a kit containing a mask, a whip, and bondage tape.

Here’s a shot of the interior:


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