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HotelChatter’s Guide to Great Hotel Sex

November 19, 2008

HotelChatter is fast becoming one of my favorite websites.

Check out their guide to great hotel sex, including such gems as:

3. Lighting: And then there’s the issue of lighting. Look for hotels with lighting that can be reached from the bed; it’s sexy to be able to switch that bedside lamp off without a big fuss — and notsomuch to have to get up and walk your naked ass across the room to flip a switch so you can navigate the room’s unfamiliar terrain afterward. Plus soft lamps give ample opportunity for a little mood lighting action.

And don’t forget the bathroom!

1. Things You Want: When it comes to sex, the bathroom is probably one of the most overlooked (and underutilized!) hotel room features. Things you want: big tubs (um, hello), counterspace (imagine the possibilities!) and large shower stalls that aren’t, you know, just little bathtubs (if applicable). Also, bath butlers, bubble bath, lots of hand towels.