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Why I want to stay at the Louvre Hotel

March 19, 2009

Just look how pretty it is! See their official site. I’m going to Europe in May, so maybe it’ll happen!

Could this photo be any more beautiful? I don’t think so.




Sexy hotels

November 15, 2008

Part of why I wanted to work on Do Not Disturb is that I think hotels are hot. Even if I don’t wind up doing anything sexual in them, just being in a hotel is erotic. It’s new, it’s full of strangers; the atmosphere, to me, simply screams sex. But of course, some hotels are sexier than others. I’d love to hear which hotels push your buttons; you can email me at rachelravenous at and I’ll be posting some that have been suggested to me.

Here’s a shot from one called The Five, which I found out about from The Naughty Paris Guide.

The Five in Paris