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Hot hot hot photos from the Do Not Disturb book trailer shoot

January 26, 2009

I had NO idea my friend Stacie Joy took this shot, of a drunken me drifting off to sleep after our wild and crazy (like getting kicked out of an elevator after setting off the alarm and making out) book trailer shoot for Do Not Disturb: Hotel Sex Stories. Serious, it was fun and hot. Stacie Joy has an AMAZING set of 113 photos from the shoot, and the best part is some are things I didn’t even get to see, though I heard they were super hot. Check it all out, and stay tuned for the trailer, to debut around Valentine’s Day.

Okay, there are 113 photos and I love all of them, so please check them out and if you like them, well…consider buying my book Do Not Disturb, or just wait for the trailer!

(I like this one because you can also see us in the mirror)


How to get bargain rates at luxury hotels

January 23, 2009

Michelle Higgins had a great piece the other day in The New York Times about how to get hotel bargains:

TO get the best hotel bargains right now, book at the newest place on the block. Opening in a tough economic environment, new hotels are slashing significantly discounted introductory rates even further and extending the deals long after officially opening their doors.

For travelers who can take advantage of the bargains, the discounts are an opportunity to stay at upscale, amenity-laden properties for what they normally might pay for a more moderate hotel without the latest perks.

On Maui, the Honua Kai Resort & Spa, scheduled to open Jan. 28, is offering rooms from $195 — 50 percent off published rates. Near Miami, the Blue, a 240-room resort that opened in September, has extended its opening price of $189 a night through April, down from listed rates of $360. And the Nines, a new Starwood Luxury Collection property in Portland, Ore., is offering rooms for an attention-getting $99 a night for 99 days through mid-April.

“Ninety-nine dollars is not seen today,” said Fred Kleisner, general manager of the Nines. “To me, it’s the Nines saying, ‘Hey, we’re brand-new. Come on and check us out.’ ”

On a recent business trip to New York City, Marie Alexander from California,the chief executive of a software company., stayed at the Thompson LES, a new boutique hotel on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The listed rates for the rooms, with Sferra bed linens, slate bathrooms with rain showerheads and Kiehl’s toiletries, begin at $375 a night. Ms. Alexander paid $149 — a deal she found on, which is offering bargains at a range of new hotels in major cities.

I checked out and it is fabulous! Highly recommended.

See also Hotel Hotsheet on How to get a low rate at a luxury hotel.

Hotel story

January 23, 2009

from Bastardlife:

The days ticked past, one by one, until the day finally arrived: I booked a room at a swanky Manhattan Meat Packing District hotel, made famous by old reruns of Sex & the City, and sent invitations to ten of my most deviant friends to join me for a “feast.” A picture of Kellie’s beautiful lean body was attached. When the day came, I arrived early and prepared the room. I positioned a tall glistening blue bottle of Skyy Vodka in ice on a small round side table next to two thin Martini glasses and a few mixers. My iPod played a continuous loop of euphoric music, filling the room with a beat that illustrated the urgency Kellie described her pussy as having. Around the headboard, I wrapped climbing rope with three knots, each with a carabiner for clipping her wrist restraints in a variety of positions—something she had asked for, and I was happy to oblige. A bag of sex toys and a lovely cut glass bowl filled with condoms sat near the bed with my note, “Do Not Open Until I Arrive.” Then I left, and once back down on the Manhattan street, I breathed in the icy air trying to calm myself, but it only made my heart race more.

When she finally called, her familiar voice whispered, “I’m here—and I’m ready.” I barely remember rushing through town to get to the hotel; only pushing open the door to see the naughty grin on Kellie’s face. I immediately regarded the shape of her legs, then her buttocks, then the way her stockings climbed up and under her short black cocktail dress. She said she was nervous as I kissed her and I could feel the hint of a tremble in the muscles of her arms, so I hugged her and whispered out of a friendship that seemed of years, “Are you sure you want to do this?…You’re so beautiful.” When I kissed her again, she kissed back and whispered, “Absolutely, yes!”

Indian hotels ban sex!

January 20, 2009

This is like a tabloid article, except I don’t think it is. From All News Web:

Ralph and Jo-Anne from Newcastle, Australia married recently and decided to take their honeymoon in a country they had always dreamed of visiting: India.

The two newlyweds decided to play their trip by ear and not book accommodation beforehand. They arrived in Bombay and found a clean but modest place to stay and paid for a week’s worth of accommodation. On their first night in India they celebrated as many young couples do: in the hotel room and by their own admission they were a little loud.

In the morning as they headed off to do some sightseeing the owning motioned towards them and then tapped a pen on a sign near the front desk that clearly said ‘No sex in our rooms please’.
‘We were shocked, but found it a bit funny too’ said Novocastrian plumber Ralph. ‘The only spice in our lives for the next week was in the curry’ joked Jo-Anne, a hairdresser.

Funny as it seems more and more hotel managers and owners in India are banning guests having sex within their establishment. The reasons and motives for the ban include constant complaints from neighbours and other guests, attempts to discourage extra-marital flings and prostitution the highly conservative nation.

Delhi hotel manager Suresh defends the ban ‘Many locals use hotels for adulterous affairs and even sessions with prostitutes and this lowers the hotels reputation, foreigners do not realise that loud noise during relations offends many locals and we receive complaints all the time.’

The good news is that honeymooning couples need not avoid India yet providing they have money to spare. No upmarket international chains have put the ban into place.

‘We still won’t be staying at the Hilton in the near future, we can have all the sex we want back home and it won’t cost us a penny’ concludes Ralph as he tucks into his tasty chicken rezala.

New York’s most notorious hotels

January 20, 2009

These are not necessarily the sexiest, but they are “notorious” according to Gridskipper, including Hotel Elysee:

The long list of illustrious guests who’ve stayed at this boutique hotel includes playwright Tennessee Williams, who lived in the “Sunset Suite” until his death there in … 1983. The police say that Williams died after choking on the cap to one of the numerous bottles of prescription pills that littered his room, but his brother insists that he was murdered. The Elysee has free wi-fi and reservations start at $275 a night.

If ice cream equals sex, stay in Hotel Triton’s Häagen-Dazs “Sweet Suite”

January 17, 2009

Hotel Triton in San Francisco
see more images at the Hotel Triton site

Hotel Triton in San Francisco

Hotel Triton in San Francisco is now going into my “Top Hotels I Want To Visit” list, based on these super-cool sounding suites. I mean, a room devoted to ice cream!! That could only be seconded by a room filled with cupcakes. How indulgent, and sexy…I’d love to feast on ice cream and alternate that with sex. I envision a book party in this suite…

The Häagen-Dazs “Sweet Suite”
The luxurious Häagen-Dazs “Sweet Suite” offers hotel guests a unique and whimsical escape, indulging the senses in flavor and style. Bathed in vanilla and caramel colors, the true artistry of the “Sweet Suite” is in the details, from “flavored” candles in chocolate, vanilla and dulce de leche, to the bed’s handcrafted headboard shaped like the Häagen-Dazs cartouche, to a waffle-textured bed throw, to a specially made plush Häagen-Dazs bath robe.

The room’s main attraction is the “Sweet Spot,” a custom designed ice cream cabinet filled with both classic Häagen-Dazs ice cream flavors, ice cream bars and new releases such as the Haagen-Dazs Reserve Series. The cabinet is stocked with bowls, scoops and spoons and, best of all, guests can enjoy as many complimentary pints as they desire.

A portion of each “Sweet Suite” guest’s tab will be donated to the Häagen-Dazs ice cream charity of choice, Delancey Street Foundation.

The Suite was designed by local Bay Area interior design firm Marsh & Clark Design.

Kathy Griffin’s D-List
Hotel Triton’s latest Celebrity Suite combines sleek elegance and chic sensibility with a touch of sex appeal for the guest who desires life’s finer pleasures. In a recent episode of Kathy’s hit series, “My Life on the D-List,” Ms. Griffin and Mike Nielsen (known to viewers as her ‘Gay Visionary’) traveled to San Francisco to design an inspired suite at the Hotel Triton. How cool is that?

The making of this luxurious hotel suite into a reality was the subject for an entire episode in the show’s second season. Kathy and Mike began with wall-to-wall, floor to ceiling white suede drapes and took it from there. If you’re looking to find inner peace or feel like a million bucks, Kathy’s suite is a good move. With a color palate ranging from pearl to chocolate to sage green, this suite is a fabulous vehicle for sheer indulgence from Kathy Griffin and the Hotel Triton.

The Black Magic Bedroom by Carlos Santana
The art, music and vision of legendary guitarist Carlos Santana are imbued in every detail of this serene and subtle designer suite. Textile artist Michael Rios created a Technicolor tapestry of Santana’s most heartfelt and intense imagery, bringing vitality and a sense of Latin heritage to both bed and bath. At once otherworldly and earthbound, the Black Magic Bedroom inspires a peaceful, yet invigorating energy, much like the man himself.

King Triton Suite
Designed by King Triton, in honor of his kingdom, Atlantis, shimmering underwater blues, silvers, and greens abound in this luxuriously inspiring setting. Part the silver bead curtain to find yourself in the grooviest Jacuzzi tub in San Francisco, complete with a secret television you can watch while you soak. A beautiful king bed with fabric beach ball pillows and magic reading lights await, and the sitting area is ideal for entertaining a small group of friends.

Plus, from a 2004 piece at Travellady:

Whether you plan to relax in the Zen Dens or you’re interested in spicing up a romantic weekend, the Hotel Triton has something for everyone. The Girls Gone Wild package includes accommodations in a deluxe guestroom, a bikini wax, beer, a hat, and of course a camera to capture the moment. Couples have the Freedom to Honeymoon or spice up the night with Cupid’s Bubble Bath, Moonlight Massage Oil, Kiss Me Lip balm, Love poems, and a Tickle-me-feather included with the Sex In the City package.

What the perfect hotel suite should have

January 17, 2009

According to international escort blogger Jet Set Lara:

The perfect hotel suite has the following general features:

– is unusually large, with separate sleeping and lounging areas; has enough room for two massage tables to fit comfortably 😉
– is distinctively decorated in keeping with its location, but trending toward contemporary design (I hate the faux antiques look of the Four Seasons and Ritz hotels; the rooms at the Four Seasons in San Francisco are exactly the same as the ones in Vegas)
– has floor to ceiling windows that look out on something scenic and interesting
– electric window treatments, controllable from bed and near door, including translucent shade for sunny days and blackout drapes for total darkness at night.
– has a sunny outdoor space with room for two chaise lounges shielded from prying eyes…
– well insulated walls and windows able to block out all outside noise.

Check out her post for all the rest!

Have hotel sex at home!

January 16, 2009

Mom Logic has a little piece about how to have hotel sex at home, including:

3. Invest in the highest thread-count sheets you can afford. At least 300 is recommended. (They often have the at discount prices at stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls.)

4. This is a bit decadent … but a mini-fridge stocked with fresh strawberries, water, champagne, and even treats like hotel-favorite Toberlones can make a post-romp sex super convenien

And one of them included a link to this Etsy seller and I snapped these do not disturb signs up! I’ll be giving them away in a Do Not Disturb contest in March, so stay tuned!

Etsy Do Not Disturb signs

Hotel sex in new Sundance film “Humpday” by Lynn Shelton

January 16, 2009

I totally want to see this. Official Humpday site is here.

Humpday poster

From the Los Angeles Times:

The film tells the story of two unexpectedly reunited friends, Ben and Andrew, who fall back into their dynamic of chiding competition. Ben has settled down into a stable life, while Andrew still sees himself as a bohemian wanderer. Somehow they decide it would be a good idea to enter a contest that would involve making a gay porn film together. Besides their own trepidations, emotional roadblocks and shaky self-images, they must also steer the idea around Ben’s understandably skeptical wife.

On the phone from Seattle, Shelton admitted she gets a kick out of having a film she can boil down to a “sexy hook” by describing the story as “two dudes attempting to out-dude each other by attempting to do each other.”…

In a direct response to difficulties during the production of her debut, both “My Effortless Brilliance” and “Humpday” were made in a loose, improvisatory style that Shelton referred to as “an upside-down way of making movies.” She casts the roles first, largely based on the personalities of people she likes, and the characters are then tailored to fit the performers. From there, after much mutual discussion, a story is decided upon. The scenes are shot chronologically to allow for story adjustments along the way.

One benefit of this shoot-from-the-hip style is that when it came time to film the climactic scene of “Humpday” — the will they or won’t they moment — Shelton and her cast still hadn’t planned the outcome.

“That was the one thing we kept from ourselves,” Shelton explained, “was deciding what would happen in that hotel room. We wanted it always to be the feeling of being unsure, just trying to keep that feeling of dynamic immediacy, ‘What’s going to happen next?’

“In retrospect, the things I really wanted to have happen did happen,” she said. “The connection that I wanted to be made between them, to just be open to it, really earnestly wanting to be able to do it. When we walked out the next morning from that hotel room, Mark and Josh were convinced we didn’t have it. And I knew we had it, I was pretty darn sure.”

Give a lapdance at the W

January 13, 2009

W Hotels are offering Sheila Kelley’s S Factor classes: register here.



W Hotels and you


Where can you show off your girl power? Discover the flirtiest way to get fit with S Factor. Join us for an a signature S Factor Lapdance Class and learn moves to move your partner while getting in shape. The hour and a half class includes expert direction from an S Factor instructor and a goodie bag to enjoy at home.

Join us for this exciting series on the following dates: January 16, 23, and 30; February 6 and 13


January 16, 06:00 PM – February 13, 08:00 PM


W Chicago – City Center, Workroom

172 West Adams Street

Chicago , IL 60603-3604